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Ultisim collaborates to build new metaverse

Croquet, the company that created the first open Metaverse operating system for independent, cross-platform virtual world creation, has partnered with Ultisim, a business that integrates hardware and software to create fully immersive 3D simulation and Digital Twin experiences to solve

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Croquet engages in metaverse forum

The Metaverse Standards Forum has welcomed Croquet Corporation, the company behind the first open Metaverse operating system (OS) and development platform. Croquet’s engagement in the Forum as a Principal Member advances its contribution to the creation of best-in-class Metaverse standards

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Croquet unveils a new metaverse OS

Croquet Corporation released Croquet OS, the first open Metaverse operating system (OS), and the alpha of its Microverse IDE, a virtual world development environment. These tools enable web developers to create multiuser Web and Web3 virtual worlds in the Metaverse

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