Everdome to release an ultra-realistic metaverse environment

The creators of the futuristic Metahero project are building again. Announcing the upcoming launch of Everdome, a hyper-realistic metaverse project that will incorporate Metahero’s scanning technology into a metaverse like no other.

Everdome wants to produce the most hyper-realistic verse that will bring companies and individuals together through their groundbreaking technological capabilities. Moreover all with the goal of creating the best web3 experience possible.

Everdome will be the most hyper-realistic verse across the entire landscape of the metaverse

The project will be the most hyper-realistic verse in the metaverse’s whole terrain. People, brands, and organizations who want to exhibit themselves. Their brands, or their products in the best possible light will find Everdome to be the best venue to do so.

Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Metahero, says, “In the future, the internet will not just be a tool. However a full-fledged exploration of our senses, too”. With this mindset, he says, “Our team is working hard to offer this chance to as many people as possible.”



Everdome – The Dome

This project will be the destination for avatars made for Metahero/ultra-HD WDW as part of the integrated ecosystem between Metahero and WDW. In addition the project will be a place for Metahero’s incredible technology to dwell, interact, and thrive. Taking Metahero and Everdome from a portal into the metaverse to a completely ubiquitous web3 experience to the point where you won’t be able to discern what’s real and what’s not when you take off your VR headset.

The project will make space available in their HQ dome. In addition will serve as the center dome for the settlement on Mars. Additionally, communities interested in establishing their own dome will be able to provide a branded and customised dome tailored to their needs.

Everdome Offering

Everdome’s ‘Dome-estate’ offering will enable a highly real-to-life web experience for individuals, companies, brands, communities, and anyone else interested in the metaverse to buy/sell land, rent property, create storefronts, and even run marketplaces to existing and new audiences.

Everdome Pre-sale & Launch

Initially, there will be 100 billion Everdome tokens, with different locking mechanisms in place to prevent pump and dump schemes.

The Everdome token will have a secret pre-sale in January for HERO (Metahero’s token) holders only. Followed by a second pre-sale via Tenset Gems Platforms in February. Those that met the Everdome pre-sale requirements (have HERO) or have a Tenset TGLP subscription will be able to participate.

Everdome will open to the public in February. The funds earned during the private pre-sale will be put to the company’s launch liquidity pool in part.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.