Flam introduces HR metaverse tool

Flam, a social metaverse company has announced the first walk-in recruitment experience in the metaverse through their One Above platform. As a part of its growth strategy, Flam will be recruiting 100+ employees within the next six months. The organization is searching for mid- to senior-level employees in a variety of disciplines, with a focus on product, engineering, design, and technology.

OneAbove was curated with an investment of USD 50,000

Within a month, OneAbove, an in-house metaverse recruitment platform, was built with a USD 50,000 investment and a team of 25 employees. Flam’s workplace and culture are reflected in the platform’s design. It can accommodate a gathering of up to 50 persons at once.

The adventure will begin when the interviewee logs on to the app and chooses one of over 45 avatars to interact with the recruiter. They will be greeted by a virtual lobby with members of the Flam HR team who will direct them to the stage. There will be a limit of 15 candidates in the lobby for each round of walk-in interviews. The recruiters will take a group selfie with all of the avatars after all of the candidates have entered the room. In the metaverse, candidates can even snap their first solo selfie.

Each contender will be asked to take the stage and give an introduction. Candidates will have the ability to share their screen, deliver a presentation, and even switch on the camera to display their true selves.

After each presentation, the attendees can share their reactions using a reaction option. Candidates will also be able to include any picture, video, music, 3D object, or external connection into the scenario.

Flam is building the world’s first social network on the metaverse

Through an immersive augmented reality experience, Flam is creating the world’s first metaverse social network. Its goal is to develop a metaverse that integrates virtual and physical realities and allows people to live, create, and socialize in the most immersive and engaging manner possible. Because AR content development and consumption will be crucial to the metaverse experience, our goal is to democratize AR content creation and consumption as an entry point to the metaverse.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.