Day: April 11, 2022

Forbes unveils a new NFT collection

Forbes today unveiled a preview of its virtual Billionaires NFT collection, a first of its kind NFT project for the media industry. The collection includes a set of fictional investors with an enormous theoretical portfolio and virtual net worth based

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Farmhouse announces a metaverse collaboration

Farmhouse Inc. announced today the launch of a joint venture to license Bored Ape Yacht Club #2186, “Oro Blanco,” as the face of a new cannabis brand on behalf of Ape-In Productions (AIP), a ground-breaking entertainment company and virtual community.

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Absolut.Land launched in the metaverse

Marking its 10th year as the Official Vodka of Coachella, Absolut is extending the festival experience into the metaverse with Absolut.Land, a one-of-a-kind blended activation by a liquor brand at a live event. Absolut’s new virtual destination Absolut’s new virtual

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Flam introduces HR metaverse tool

Flam, a social metaverse company has announced the first walk-in recruitment experience in the metaverse through their One Above platform. As a part of its growth strategy, Flam will be recruiting 100+ employees within the next six months. The organization

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Halberd steps into the health metaverse

Halberd Corporation announces plans to enter the Metaverse by the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) to monetize certain intellectual properties of the company including but not limited to patents, patents pending, trade secrets, etc. Halberd is currently in negotiations to

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MetaJuice unveils VCORE during Blockchain Week

MetaJuice will present its Metatoken VCORE at NFT Paris Day during Paris Blockchain Week. MetaJuice is building blockchain-driven assets that unlock the value of the metaverse where everyone can create, earn, own and shape the future. MetaJuice is the first

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Spells of Genesis hosted a VR NFT museum

CryptoVoxels will be the home of the Spells of Genesis trading card exhibit as NFT galleries become increasingly commonplace in the metaverse. Spells of Genesis (SoG), widely recognized as the first play-to-earn blockchain game, celebrates its fifth anniversary on Thursday.

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