Frost Giant Studios Considers AI Voices for Upcoming Game

Frost Giant Studios Considers AI Voices for Upcoming Game

Game developers, Frost Giant Studios is toying with the idea of using generative AI for characters of its upcoming RTS game Stormgate, successor to StarCraft.

The idea however comes at a time voice actors already spoke against SAG-AFTRA’s decision to strike a deal with a generative AI company back in January.

The video announcement

Frost Giant Studios made the announcement through a video by its CEO and co-founder Tim Morten who introduced a character interacting with a player.

The video shows Tara Reade, a Xenoarchaeologist. Tara is driven by Convai’s generative AI “after having been converted into an Unreal Engine 5 Metahuman asset.”

The video goes on to show the player asking the character some questions using voice char, while she responds with a “frankly appalling performance,” even breaking the fourth wall. Already, there is negative sentiment about the announcement.

“Incredibly disappointed by Frost Giant Studios considering the use of #generativeAI for its characters in the #Starcraft spiritual successor #Stormgate,” TechRaptor news editor Giuseppe Nelva wrote on X platform.

“Luckily, it isn’t final, and I sincerely hope they scrap this garbage before it ruins their game.”

Asking for feedback

Frost Giant Studios have however emphasized that whatever decision they take, should make the game more enjoyable for its fans.

“AI technology and the conversation around it is quickly evolving,” said the game making studio.

“At Frost Giant, if we ever decide to implement this technology, we would first need to make sure it makes the game more fun, feels immersive, and also has the blessing of the actors union.”

The company went on to ask for feedback from gamers on its “experiment,” which may influence the course of action they will eventually take.

“For now, we hope you enjoy this experiment, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments,” said Frost Giant.

According to Neowin, Stormgate is expected to enter early access mid-2024. Last month, Frost Giant went into the market asking fans to invest in the game developer in a funding round.

“The funds we secure will bolster a strategic marketing campaign, setting the stage for Stormgate’s Early Access launch this summer. This initiative invites our supporters to upgrade into shareholders,” said Morten.

Stormgate is expected to be “the most responsive RTS game yet,” with three times responsiveness of StarCraft II.

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Throwing everything to users

According to the company, the game making studio will respect the views of its fans and consider them in their final decision including the negative comments. The game making firm has already mentioned that they would not proceed with the AI tech unless actors’ union were happy with the decision.

“We are firm believers in human storytelling – with human writers and voice actors shaping our setting, characters, and storylines,” said Frost Giant.

“We see there being some potential here to deepen a players’ immersion with technology, but we would not pursue using this tech in our game unless it looked and sounded better – and won’t consider it at all without the blessing of a voice actors union (SAG-AFTRA).”

Many voice actors have however spoken against SAG-AFTRA’s decision to strike a deal with a generative AI company in January and “so the blessing of the union may not necessarily represent the blessing of the voice acting community.”





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