Give Exams, Interviews Remotely in Metaverse

Give Exams, Interviews Remotely in Metaverse
The future of job search?

The Metaverse is rapidly being adopted worldwide, as businesses display their showcases with immersive experiences and students attend classes in virtual reality. Likewise, the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced the launch of a Metaverse for specialists and consultants to give exams and interviews remotely, Khaleej Times reported.

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The 3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service brings together the real, virtual, and digital worlds to improve the delivery of healthcare services provided by both government and private organizations.

Metaverse will be used to support medical exams of healthcare professionals like consultants and specialists while they are in their own country, Khaleej Times cited Dr Amin Hussein AL Amiri, assistant undersecretary for the MoHAP.

“For example, if the doctor is in Australia or any other country and we have three examiners in different locations in UAE, they all will log in to metaverse and start the exam. The three doctors in the UAE will be in their own healthcare facilities, but they will be together as panellists in the metaverse,” said AL Amiri.

Cheating Will Be Monitored

AL Amiri believes the use of metaverse in the examination and interviews will could not be cheated as facial expression and eye movement will be monitored of the examinee.

“The examiners would monitor the movement of the face and eyes using artificial intelligence to figure out if he is trying to get support from someone and looking at papers in any direction. This will help avoid any sort of external support and cheating,” said Al Amiri.

This MoHAP step will provide the flexibility of performing such essential tasks from home rather having to travel to the UAE for such tasks alone.

For more than eight years, the UAE has been administering electronic exams to healthcare professionals, but few of them have had to travel to the UAE for interviews. However, the launch of the metaverse as a platform for examinations and interviews will benefit such professionals.

“We saw a need to expand metaverse to help healthcare professionals and decided to use it for exams and interviews,” he said, adding that this new technology will be implemented next Monday.

Al Amiri also shared that the ministry already used metaverse for customer service and had succeeded in improving customer happiness before.

Metaverse in Education

This step toward the use of the metaverse in the academic sector is not completely new, as it is already taking shape within various aspects of institutions.

As previously reported by Metanews, this immersive experience has become the solution for class absentees in Japan.

The Metaverse offers a unique experience for its users, allowing them to interact and communicate with others through avatars. This virtual environment provides a more immersive and personal experience compared to traditional communication platforms like Zoom and Teams.

Having such features, the metaverse provided the opportunity for students to attend school classes from the comfort of their own homes and was highly effective. Currently, it is being used for exams and interviews to support healthcare professionals, but its uses are not limited to just the medical field.

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