Google Search Gets AI Grammar Check Feature for Desktop and Mobile Users

Google Search Gets AI Grammar Check Feature for Desktop and Mobile Users

While a misplaced word, a spelling mistake or phrase can easily muddy a sentence, paragraph or article, Google has updated its search platform with an in-built AI grammar check feature allowing users to check the accuracy of their phrases or sentences. The latest addition is for both desktop and mobile users.

The tool, currently available in English is aimed at helping users improve their writing skills by ensuring they use correct sentences and phrases. According to the company, the tool will analyze a sentence inputted before showing the correct phrase or sentence, thus it also helps users by providing suggestions.

Using the grammar check tool

The Google grammar check tool is straightforward according to Benzinga. To get started, users can type in their phrase or sentence in the search bar along with “grammar check” or “grammar checker” and Google will activate the tool for the query.

Google then automatically rewrites the phrase or sentence as well as corrects any spelling mistakes detected. These mistakes will be highlighted to help users see where they got them wrong.

However, if the sentence or phrase is correct, the grammar check section will show “a reassuring green checkmark as the first result.”

“The output provided by grammar check verifies if the grammar is correct. If not, it indicates how to correct the phrase or sentence. It can also correct spelling mistakes,” said Google.

The company has however indicated the results may not be 100% correct as the feature is based on AI. One of the pitfalls of AI is the inaccuracies, now known as hallucinations.

“To analyze the language, grammar check uses AI systems and might not be 100% accurate,” said Google.

With the new grammar check feature, this is true, especially, in cases where users input incomplete sentences of phrases making it difficult for the tool to comprehend. There are also chances the tool might not show up.

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The restrictions

Google has however emphasized not all content will be acceptable with the grammar check feature as users ought to abide by Google’s Search overall policies.

The company has systems in place to “prevent grammar checks when the content might be in violation” of its policies. The feature will therefore not work whenever users input a query that has dangerous content, sexually explicit, hateful, terrorist, medical content, vulgar language or profanity, or it promotes violence or gore, and others. Google is also allowing users to give feedback on grammar checks or report any issues with the tool.

These developments also come at a time when the company announced other updates for the search platform such as privacy tools to help users stay in control of their private information and online safety during the first week of August.

According to the company, users can remove “non-consensual explicit imagery from Search.” Users can remove their personal, explicit images they don’t want to be seen on Search.

“For example, if you created and uploaded explicit content to a website, then deleted it, you can request its removal from Search if it’s being published elsewhere without your approval,” said Google in blog post.

To protect users and their families from explicit imagery such as adult or graphic violent content, users can have it blurred whenever it appears on Search results. Additionally, the platform can now allow users to get their personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers, and emails removed from the Google App.

“Now, we’ve significantly updated and improved the tool, helping you keep track of your personal contact information in Search and alerting you when we find it, so you can get it removed.”

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