HMNU releases metaverse real estate tools

The picturesque Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy, and the North American Lake Champlain, New York, will serve as the company’s headline offers for its BCPE, which will be launched on July 25, 2022, by Human Unitec International Inc.

The Company will link, attach, and tokenize real estate properties and services, and each property and its associated services and amenities will have a different number of tokens attached accordingly. Customers will be able to invest in, rent, or buy tokens, securing their rights to unique rates, services, facilities, and benefits through the adoption of Web3. This will create a streamlined revenue stream for HMNU and its network of real estate properties and related amenities.

Without a bank or middleman, decentralized Web3 transactions would produce revenue streams and royalties. This would increase control and transfer of funds and may offer investors and token holders tax advantages.

Real estate investment tokenization has a number of advantages, including improved fluidity, transparency, transaction volume, and security

“This is the future of real estate investments and luxury travel, and the future is now,” claims Kurt Gaensel, CEO of HMNU. “We’re excited to tokenize real estate investment prospects all across the world and will concentrate our efforts on a parallel path for Metaverse entry. Digital real estate is becoming just as significant as physical real estate. To entice investors and provide immersive, engaging, and gamified chances within the area to grow exponential value of their involvement and ownership in any particular project, 3D representations of the building, facilities, and services would be necessary.”

“Our investors will be able to digitally tour the models, which will give them a sense of being on the estate and enable them to explore and personalize experiences in a totally immersive setting. Holders of BCPE tokens will have exclusive advantages and features, such as digital skins, augmented designs, virtual ownership, and limitless ways to exhibit their engagement in a stunning location across the virtual and real worlds.

Author: “Fractionalized ownership possibilities in otherwise costly assets and altering real estate ownership as a liquid asset would revolutionize luxury travel and real estate investment.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.