Hololoot is redefining the metaverse using Augmented Reality

Hololoot Cloud has broken down the barriers to entry for users in the metaverse by creating a product that anyone can use, regardless of skill or expertise. The metaverse isn’t just about games and virtual worlds for Hololoot; it’s about innovation on every level.

Hololoot combines blockchain innovation with augmented reality (AR) to create one of the most sought-after solutions in the space.



Augmenting The Metaverse

As innovative as the metaverse has been, growing from a barely noticed industry to one worth billions of dollars. Creators and developers in the space have largely focused on niches. None have gone much beyond Play-to-Earn (P2E) games and the desire to own virtual reality real estate. As a result, Hololoot has taken on the task of creating new metaverse spheres.

Hololoot is doing this in a number of ways, one of which is through augmented reality. Hololoot is integrating into the blockchain metaverse using augmented reality (AR) rather than VR (Virtual Reality), as many others have done. This removes all of VR’s limitations and bottlenecks. Such as the prohibitively expensive VR glasses and headgear required for an immersive experience.

Integrating NFTs And AR

The ability to create AR assets and bring them into the metaverse is one of Hololoot’s main selling points. Additionally, without having any technical knowledge, users can add and remove digital assets without restriction within the app. Hololoot is a no-code platform that allows users to create whatever they want.

By uploading a 3D model to the Hololoot Cloud platform, users can quickly generate AR-enabled NFT assets within the app. Animated models and game assets are examples of these.

Whatever the case may be, users can use these 3D models to quickly create AR NFTs and save a lot of time. Moreover it’s a self-service model in which the user is in charge.

Hololoot users can create NFTs without any restrictions. Because location-based AR assets have already been identified as an incredible development in the space, and Hololoot provides a quick, simple, and efficient way to mint NFTs and create location-based AR assets, location and geography aren’t an issue.

Hololoot Gearing Up For The Future

The metaverse community has reacted positively to Hololoot’s project. In its pre-sale round, the project raised a whopping $2.75 million. Moreover allowing it to expand its team and better position itself for success.

The project has secured three launchpads – Enjinstarter, Synapse.network, and Seedify – and is in discussions with a number of gaming companies, including Nakamoto Games, Bloktopia, Age of Rust, and others. Additionally, for its marketplace, Hololoot has partnered with Enjin, and ScottyBeam for NFT teleportation.

The project’s future looks bright as it continues to combine Cloud computing, AR, and Machine Learning, as well as 3D animations, QA testing, and performance testing. It’s growing its team and has a marketing strategy that’s on par with the best in the industry.


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