IamFuture releases a sport-enthusiast metaverse

IamFuture Global Team created Metarollers as a tribute to the global rollerskating community and creative rollerskating as a culture, activity, and way of life. IamFuture’s Metarollers is a mobile skill- and creativity-based game. It’s a salute to rollerskaters worldwide. Launch date is 30.08.2022. At MarketCap 100,000,000, the token costs 0.01 USD.

The player skates across cityscapes of cities globe, enjoying the setup, dodging obstacles, collecting artifacts, and doing bright and colorful feats. The game will provide opportunities for socializing, creativity, and extra revenue

Metarollers is a female-led platform. IamFuture developed Metaverse rollerskating. It’s a digital extension of a fun activity. This proposal may show a fresh vision and use for urban places. IamFuture is building a unique urban environment that represents the major global cities: NYC, Roma, Singapore, Dubai, and Monaco.

The project also displays the new gameplay concept “Perform2Earn,” where players earn game tokens for doing ultimate tricks with Pedro Cherubini’s AI-powered controllers. Metarollers users can linger out on the ground without a challenge, but a unique air spin will be rewarded. “Boredom Bar,” a first in e-sports, signifies a player’s need for adventure/workout.

Five cities are a start. Creating a universal rollerskating environment with global features is the goal. The young, ambitious international team with experts from Brazil to Dubai onboard is united by the idea to realize an ecologically friendly and inspiration-focused future sophisticated city spaces development plan. They have intense anticipation of innovation and an impressive portfolio of previous professional experience worldwide.

“In today’s Web3 world, you can do and be anything. Yesterday, this was unthinkable. It provides everyone equality and freedom “Maya Bernaia, the idea’s creator, tweeted. Rollerouge, the project’s influencer, is a Canadian rollerskater known for his creative sports and vlogging.

Metarollers deliver solidity, equality, and utility to the NFT sector. They encourage players to sell in-game products, powerups, boosters, improvements, avatar upgrades, etc. on their Rainbow marketplace. Users can mint their own NFTs based on items they gathered while playing and sell them globally. Creativity and talent are encouraged greatly.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.