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Relax Gaming introduce new game release

Dream Drop Diamonds, unquestionably the most opulent jackpot slot of the year, is being offered to players by Relax Gaming, an online gaming aggregator and provider of original content. In this opulent 5×5 slot, players have the chance to earn

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Kingdomverse unveils new mobile game

The smartphone game Defend The Kingdom, which will be made available to the Monkey Kingdom community as a closed Alpha before its public debut, is the first product from Kingdomverse. The first metaverse to integrate casual mobile games with the

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RunNation redefines P2E metaverse

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, RunNation is a Move-to-Earn metaverse application that combines web3, blockchain, and encryption. RunNation blends NFTs, the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and healthy living. Users of the RunNation metaverse can receive incentives for their regular exercise in

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ProtoReality introduces immersive 3D metaverse

The Web3 game developer ProtoReality Games revealed that they would attend the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore to showcase its upcoming immersive 3D metaverse game Derivative Outstation 119. D.O.119 introduces metaverse 3D gaming to the mobile game market for the

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MOOI collaborates for a sustainable metaverse

Few blockchain networks have emerged recently with considerable technical capabilities and content. Infrastructure alone can’t create an environment for blockchain networks. Post Voyager’s MOOI Network is technically strong and content-rich. Cocone will add Metaverse material to Post Voyager’s network. Post

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WimbleWorld is a new metaverse for tennis fans

Wimbledon’s sponsors and partners can now reach under-18s in the metaverse. As the tournament begins, so does WimbleWorld in Roblox. It allows spectators to play on a virtual Centre Court, a tribute to the famous stadium’s 100th year on Church

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IamFuture releases a sport-enthusiast metaverse

IamFuture Global Team created Metarollers as a tribute to the global rollerskating community and creative rollerskating as a culture, activity, and way of life. IamFuture’s Metarollers is a mobile skill- and creativity-based game. It’s a salute to rollerskaters worldwide. Launch

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WowWee unveils new metaverse avatars

WowWee‘s My Avastars are fashion dolls. WowWee worked with Gamefam, a major Roblox publisher, to produce My Avastars, a doll that blends the physical and digital worlds. Half of Roblox users are girls, but the toy market focuses on action

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The Sandbox collaborates for a metaverse project

Samyang Foods’ media business associates, Samyang AANI, have teamed with The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world where users may create, own, and monetise their gaming experiences. Samyang Foods’ LAND in The Sandbox metaverse will be built in collaboration between the

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Mars4 Metaverse is thriving in Japan

Mars4 is booming thanks to game demos and Japanese KOLs. Mars4 has raised sales in June’s first weeks. Japan is Mars4’s biggest market due to its regional marketing strategy. Mars4 is capturing the Japanese market with Daisuke and Crypto Train.

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Galaxy Racer is investing $25M in Quint Ecosystem

Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Dubai-based transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content creators, music, and sports, has recently revealed its partnership with Quint ecosystem. Galaxy Racer will invest $25M in QUINT’s cryptocurrency ecosystem per the terms of the deal. QUINT’s token

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