Kingdomverse unveils new mobile game

The smartphone game Defend The Kingdom, which will be made available to the Monkey Kingdom community as a closed Alpha before its public debut, is the first product from Kingdomverse. The first metaverse to integrate casual mobile games with the metaverse is Kingdomverse, a full ecosystem that provides entertaining, dynamic games inside of a 3D virtual world.

Players have the chance to participate in a range of different games and take advantage of play-to-earn chances while experiencing the immersive and interactive metaverse

Kingdomverse is mostly a strategy game. Players can build and control their own Kingdoms in Kingdomverse. As their center of operations, users create and personalize their own realms in order to engage in combat with other players and collect more rewards. Other players are invited to join a Kingdom of their choice by staking NFTs and becoming a citizen, encouraging that Kingdom to grow and engage in conflict with other communities. Each individual Kingdom becomes into a community unto itself. These groups can play casual mobile games together to gain access to in-game resources like new structures, armor, and equipment that will give their Kingdom an advantage over its competitors.

A simple tower defense game will be called Defend The Kingdom. Players will form a squad of five “Legends” heroes and engage in PvP combat or cooperative play against foes. Holders of the Monkey Legend can gain special rewards and gifts, including improvements for their NFTs. Additionally, the closed beta will act as a test run before the full launch, which will feature play to earn opportunities in the form of a dual token system, later this year.

Enter the world of mobile gaming with the release of “Defend The Kingdom,” a mobile tower defense game, in closed alpha. Top-ranked gamers can expect rewards and prizes as the Monkey Legend NFT collection comes to life on screen. Depending on their rank and success over the course of the week, closed alpha launch participants will have the chance to win interesting awards and prizes. These prizes consist of official collectibles, actual goods, and limited edition cosmetic enhancements for NFTs.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.