MOOI collaborates for a sustainable metaverse

Few blockchain networks have emerged recently with considerable technical capabilities and content. Infrastructure alone can’t create an environment for blockchain networks. Post Voyager’s MOOI Network is technically strong and content-rich. Cocone will add Metaverse material to Post Voyager’s network.

Post Voyager is a subsidiary of Cocone, a Japanese mobile app firm. Since 2019, the corporation has been a Klaytn Governance Council member or node validator. Post Voyager has been learning blockchain while participating in governance. In addition, Post Voyager is a tech-intensive startup with half of the employees as developers, including its founder.

MOOI Network will undergo various security audits

MOOI Network offers Metaverse services. Post Voyager’s parent company, Cocone, expects to offer 4 additional MOOI Network services this year. Cocone pioneered Character Coordinating Play (CCP), where players can personalize their characters and converse. The mobile app startup has dominated the Japanese avatar service market for 14 years and won several accolades.

Meta Livly, a Web3 version of Livly Island, launches first. Livly Island has 200k DAU. Meta Livly will have its own universe despite being similar to the original service. It will also have P2E, so players can profit by playing, and NFTs so they may own and sell stuff. In addition, Meta Livly and ClawKiss will be the first two Cocone Group games on MOOI Network.

MOOI Network supports Metaverse commerce. Players who value services and digital assets will build MOOI Network’s economy. The ecosystem will grow after establishing value. Post Voyager believes the value of Cocone Group’s 590,000 digital assets has been established in Web2 and will be in Web3.

Each service has its own tokenomics based on $MOOI, the network’s governance token. Post Voyager’s “crypto financial team” The team designs and monitors MOOI’s economy. One team member noted, “We consider each project’s tokenomics crucial.” If either fails, sustainable economy fails.”

Post Voyager sold the MOOI token privately. MOOI Network was backed by Singapore’s Block Crafters Capital. Ozys and Post Voyager cooperated to expand MOOI Network’s ecology. MOOI Network will initially connect to Klaytn. The network will then connect to Polygon and Ethereum to enhance the ecosystem.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.