RunNation redefines P2E metaverse

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, RunNation is a Move-to-Earn metaverse application that combines web3, blockchain, and encryption. RunNation blends NFTs, the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and healthy living. Users of the RunNation metaverse can receive incentives for their regular exercise in the form of different NFT KICKs (trainers).

Through the use of decentralized tools and gameplay, users of the RunNation metaverse have access to a distinctive gaming and fitness experience. Players that have their Metaverse profiles outfitted with NFT KICKs (the in-game NFT reward) can earn via jogging, walking, and running. The Move-to-earn system in general establishes a mechanism that enables users to swap their earned rewards for in-game items or for real money on other exchanges. RunNation’s in-game tokens can be upgraded to KICKs or exchanged for better rewards.

Early RunNation participants get access to an early enrollment program across a variety of sectors, allowing them to acquire adoption prior to the launch of the iOS and Android apps. For early signups, the site offers to provide free NFT KICKs or STEPx token Airdrops. Beta testing, Telegram invite contests, Twitter content, the referral program, community moderators, content creators, and referral programs are all advantages of the early enrollment program.

An NFT marketplace

In a move-to-earn game, the prizes can be traded. Users of the RunNation app can buy KICKs from other players in-game or across the platform, and sell their NFTs to them. Other members of the community can also rent NFT KICKs from users. In the game, NFT KICKs might break down and need to be fixed in order to maximize earning opportunities.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.