Infinite Reality unveils metaverse space

In order to establish the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s open global metaverse, Metaverse Entertainment and Innovation announced a strategic partnership with the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg. The company’s aspirations to expand into Europe include this as a key component.

This program, supported by Luxe Innovation, the National Agency for Innovation in Luxembourg, aims to make Luxembourg a hub for Metaverse innovation in Europe. The Luxembourg Ministry of Economy tries to leverage the most recent technical advancements to build the digital economy of the future as part of its future-focused approach. This daring international endeavor, spearheaded by Infinite Reality, will improve the Metaverse experience where creators have complete control over their own income possibilities.

With this project, iR hopes to establish itself as the first simple-to-use Metaverse by providing platform users with direct contact with possible business partners. With an open metaverse, anyone may utilize the platform, including huge global brands, startups, local communities, universities, and world-class research institutes. This encourages innovation, creativity, and global responsibility.

As the first project in Luxembourg, iR plans to provide, in association with SnT, a metaverse sandbox that local organizations can use to experiment with this cutting-edge technology

The project will build a digital duplicate of a region of Luxembourg City for this metaverse sandbox so businesses and public actors can explore it in quest of various economic prospects. These potential partners will also be given the tools and support from high-level iR and SnT to build their own digital twins for particular Metaversee experiences.

“Strong ties with like-minded strategic partners in Luxembourg will be essential to our success. Infinite Reality offers a daring vision for a future with an open Metaverse. Our joint goal is to use technological advancements to enhance sustainable development and daily life, according to John Akonto, co-founder and CEO of Infinite Reality. “We can do this by encouraging the development and innovation of the Metaverse in Europe.”

“The open Metaverse has immense potential, and we look forward to partnering with iR to meet the technological research problems. As iR expands its operations in Europe from Luxembourg, we are happy to act as a strategic research partner”, according to Professor Bjorn Ottersten, Director of SnT.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.