Influencers Abandon Esports ‘Creator League’ Citing NFT Fears

Influencers Abandon Esports ‘Creator League’ Citing NFT Fears

An influencer-led esports league advertised by YouTube creator MrBeast plunged into chaos soon after its announcement on Saturday when the influencers leading it learned its connection to blockchain and NFT technology.

CDawgVA, one of the eight influencers signed up to promote the league, has already stated their intention to pull out of the venture as others consider their position. Given that several influencers named are critical of blockchain technology, further withdrawals appear inevitable.

MrBeast promotes Creator League

After discovering its connection to blockchain, influencers are reconsidering their position in the Creator League. YouTube creator MrBeast launched Creator League on Saturday, with BellaPoarch, CDawgVA, Clix, iShowSpeed, OpTic, OTK, Sapnap, and VinnieHacker each signed up to lead their own Fortnite team in the league.

For a $19.99 community pass Creator League promises “an opportunity for you to play alongside your favorite content creators.” The pass, which confers voting rights and promises of rewards and prizes, is built on NFT technology.

On Sunday, CDawgVA told his Twitter audience that he no longer intends to participate in the competition given the revelations.

“So I’ll just be real with you guys, I accepted to join the creator league not fully understanding the tech behind it,” said CDawgVA on Sunday.

“Needless to say, with the current information available I’m planning on withdrawing.”

The influencer went on to say, “I was not told or made aware at any point that there was blockchain technology and was only made aware of that information when the event went live. I was given assurances that it had nothing to do with NFT’s. Given my vocal hatred of such tech, I would never agree to join had I known that.

“It’s an embarrassing f*ck up on my part to agree to promote this to my audience. I’m sorry.”

Marketing genius to PR disaster

The negative reactions of influencers hired to promote the league is swiftly turning a solid marketing launch into a PR disaster.

CDawgVA has stated his intention to pull from the league, while Asmongold and Tips Out – the co-founders of OTK – are outspoken critics of NFTs.

On Sunday, Tips Out took to Twitter to address the matter: “We were told there was no NFT/crypto component but looks like that may not be the case.”

Tips Out is now seeking an explanation from eFuse, the company behind the Creator League.

The reach of MrBeast

MrBeast’s YouTube videos regularly gain audience numbers into the hundreds of millions.  The MrBeast video promoting Creator League posted on Saturday already has 55 million views.

“We wanted to amplify with one of the biggest megaphones, if not the biggest megaphone, in the world with MrBeast’s reach,” Matthew Benson, founder of eFuse told Forbes. 

Securing the promotional clout of MrBeast may have been a smart move by Benson and his team, but the lack of transparency from eFuse is proving to be anything but.

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