IZEA leads research on social media metaverse’s impact

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, released its latest research initiative, “Influencing the Metaverse,” today. The U.S. consumer study examines how social media influencers are leading the way into virtual worlds.

IZEA findings are based on replies from 1,034 internet users in the US

IZEA’s findings are based on replies from 1,034 internet users in the United States. Ranging in age from 18 to 60. In addition the report is the first in a series of studies examining the role of influencers in the adoption of new metaverse trends, technologies, and platforms.

Sixty percent of social media influencers see themselves as virtual world creators. 72 percent said they’re thinking about making money in the metaverse or are already doing so. Furthermore, 85% have participated in virtual world games such as Minecraft and Fortnite.



Key Insights for Consumer Adoption of the Metaverse:

For individuals interested in participating in the metaverse (48 percent). Gaming (68 percent). Exercising (53 percent), and viewing media are the top three pastimes. Twenty percent of respondents said they are waiting for virtual reality (VR) technology to become more affordable. Meanwhile another twenty percent said they are waiting for VR technology to improve.

Furthermore, 66% of consumers interested in joining the metaverse expect to buy a VR gadget within the next three years.

Brand Sponsorships in the Metaverse:

90% of influencers and 72% of social media users support brand sponsorship in virtual world games. All respondents who had played virtual world games noticed sponsorships, and 42.2% remembered the brand names. In addition among the brands mentioned as having appeared in the metaverse were Chipotle, Coke, Clorox, Google, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Nike, Red Bull, Skillshare, and Skittles.

Key Insights for Brands that are Building the Metaverse:

VR devices are owned by 15% of social media influencers and 6% of social media users polled. In addition to the PlayStation VR, 50 percent of those questioned own an Oculus (Meta) Quest 2, and 48 percent own an Oculus Rift. Consumers predict Apple and Amazon will create the most appealing virtual reality experiences in the future, ahead of Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony.

In regards to virtual worlds, the future is as broad as the internet itself. Moreover its application will radically change how brands collaborate with each other and how they work,” said Ted Murphy, the company’s founder and CEO.

“According to our study, influencers are early adopters of these new platforms, and they share our enthusiasm for the prospects available in the quickly evolving metaverse.” In addition IZEA has already begun collaborating with customers in the metaverse, and anticipates this trend to accelerate as usage grows.”

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