Japan undertakes tourism digitalization

Creating an embodied virtual reality experience has emerged as a crucial element in international trade. With every day that goes by, 3D virtual workspaces for organizations are revolutionizing industries and breaking new ground in artificial intelligence. This is a virtual space that recreates major tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to taking in the scenery and shopping, visitors are free to wander around locations like Akihabara, dubbed as the “electronic town,” and an ancient traditional shrine.

According to Katsotoshi Hamazaki, a representative of Dai Nippon Printing, “We think that metaverse space is valuable only when the real world and the metaverse world are united. 32 techniques are used to virtualize. We employ laser-survey and convert its data to CG for each building in order to construct a city and its facilities using DMAP. We are currently digitizing vintage artwork. We’ll concentrate on world heritage sites and museums in the future. It is a virtual environment where users can take on the role of members of the International Space Station crew,” he claimed.

Hamazaki continued, “Users can enjoy a real-time view by connecting to the real-time location of the space station with the assistance of JAXA, “The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency”

The International Space Station orbits the Earth every around 90 minutes, according to Masayoshi Boku of Bascule. Watching the International Space Station gives users the impression that they are in the air, allowing them to take in sunrise and sunset sceneries from around the globe while maintaining a connection to the breathtaking view from space.

According to Boku, “a metaverse can produce fantasy and different realms and is genuinely tied to our reality. The most desirable locations are generally known, but they are challenging to relocate to.”

“Only in the virtual world do all of the people travel to space together. Everyone is welcome there, regardless of age or gender, given the circumstances. That world is really beautiful. We want to use Metaverse to create an envious environment and offer an envious experience for everyone,” he stated.

Since the advent of the internet and Social Networking Services (SNS), developers and users from all over the world are investing in and utilizing new Metaverse technologies.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.