OliveX partners with Parasol for the web3

Through OliveX Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OliveX Holdings Limited, the company is happy to announce two agreements as part of its dedicated plan to develop a wide portfolio for its interoperable fitness metaverse. OliveX has agreed to take part in a strategic equity investment in Silentmode and to offer advisory services in connection with their planned launch of a digital utility token.

Silentmode is a health technology startup with headquarters in Hong Kong and is the owner of the mental health training app Breathonics

The founder and CEO of OliveX, Mr. Keith Rumjahn, will join Silentmode as a non-executive director as part of the proposed strategic investment, offering guidance and experience on currency pairings, marketing, exchange relationships, and other topics.

This investment, which comes after the company’s previous investments in DEFY Labs Pte. Ltd. and Genopets, as previously announced, is a step closer to the company realizing its vision to invest in and help develop a number of move-to-earn games in order to contribute to the creation of a fully interoperable metaverse.

The Company also completed a collaboration deal with game development company Parasol Corp Pty Ltd for the creation of three new games over a three-year period, each of which will be supported by the DOSE utility token, an ecosystem-wide token. The first game, provisionally dubbed “We Fight Monsters,” is geared for gamers who enjoy bodyweight exercises.

“We started constructing the fitness metaverse from day one. OliveX operated under the principles of inclusivity and teamwork. Finding the ideal Move-and-Earn partners to invest in and incubate is equally crucial to building a fantastic game in order to develop a completely interoperable metaverse. With Silentmode’s help, the investment in Breathonics gives us access to a fitness tool with enormous creative potential, adding yet another component to our expanding metaverse offering.”

“Our top objective is making games that players will enjoy, and “We Fight Monsters” has it all: a compelling storyline offers players a motivation to move through HIIT-based exercises to advance through the game. OliveX is actively expanding its gamified fitness products to focus on fitness, fun, and inclusiveness for players of all ages, skills, and interests in order to significantly increase its game alternatives in order to effectively expand the ecosystem.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.