Kronos will be launching its first store in the metaverse

Kronos Advanced Technologies (KNOS), the company that has significantly changed the way air is moved, announced its plans to build an e-commerce metaverse store.

The metaverse can help customers meet up in digital environments. Make shopping more comfortable with the use of avatars. Moreover facilitate creative collaboration between customers and companies, according to the company. As more retailers accelerate their digital transformation.

Kronos is one of the earliest companies to design and open its own Metaverse store

Kronos is one of the first companies to develop and launch a Metaverse store. Similar to the companies who were among the first to launch a website on the Internet more than two decades ago.

By 2028, Emergent Research expects the global metaverse market to grow at a rate of 43.3 percent revenue CAGR.

The term “metaverse” refers to the use of immersive technologies to create a shared virtual platform that can be accessed via numerous devices. And allows people to move around in digital settings. Such as through interactivity, e-commerce, experiences, interoperability, and the Internet of Things.

“Retail is all about the experience,” said Michael Rubinov, President of KNOS. “Our metaverse shopping platform would naturally blend in with virtual reality gaming and entertainment experiences”. Epic Games and Roblox are already linked in the sense that gamers can frequently purchase accessories, apparel, or cryptocurrency within a game.



KNOS partnered with BOTS INC to develop its first Metaverse eCommerce store

KNOS collaborated with BOTS INC to launch its first metaverse eCommerce store. Allowing users to browse things, digitally buy them, test them, and have them delivered to their homes. Kronos intends to expand its product ranges to include items built exclusively for the Metaverse.

BTZI develops new products and applications using metaverse technologies, with an initial focus on cybersecurity and virtual reality e-commerce applications.

Kronos sells innovative air purifiers that are the most effective on the market. Not only do our devices outperform HEPA air purifiers in terms of performance, but they are also more quieter. The noise level varies from 22 to 57 decibels. With an average of 34 decibels, which is half that of standard air purifiers while being significantly more effective.

Kronos’ safer indoor air quality products include MODEL 3, MODEL 5, and MODEL 8.

The Kronos MODEL 3 is our most popular bedroom model. Its air purifying function delivers “peace of mind” while working at a whisper quiet level. The latest advancement in air purifier technology is the patented Kronos ®CORE technology.

It electrifies particles, such as viruses and bacteria, by generating a high-voltage electric field known as cold plasma. Kronos® filter-less technology kills particles as they travel through the electric field, unlike standard air purifiers that trap pollutants on HEPA filters.

This improved filtering approach eliminates the need for a HEPA filter, which means no more expensive filter replacements. Kronos® three layers of Washable Filters, in reality, cost nothing to maintain while removing up to 99.9% of Harmful Particles, 99.9% of PM 2.5, and 99.9% of Chemical Toxins from the air it cleans.

Kronos offers a unique air purifier

Kronos also offers a one-of-a-kind air purifier, Car Air, to keep the air in your car as safe as possible, as well as a personal air purifier for outdoor exercise, FIT AIR, that you can wear on your arm.

KNOS also offers modern N95 and graphene face masks (including high-tech invisibility masks) made in the United States to help safeguard employees, consumers, kids, and teachers around the country.

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