Search launches metaverse real estate offering and LootMogul have entered into a strategic partnership to bring about a paradigm change in all things related to Web3 and the metaverse. The former includes its opulent, gravity-defying, interoperable assets that can be used in a number of different metaverses. While the latter option comes with their multiverse blockchain gaming platform, which creates an interactive and immersive experience for sports influencers and fans.

Because of the recent partnership between these two giants of the Metaverse, the communities of both Landz and LootMogul will soon have the opportunity to savour and enjoy a number of perks that are without equal

To begin, members of the Landz club will have access to one hundred land parcels located in and around each of LootMogul’s stadiums. To add further perspective, each individual who owns a Landz NFT is granted access to property that is owned by the club, on which they are permitted to deploy their assets. In addition to this, at least fifty notable members of the LootMogul community will have the opportunity to become Landz owners.

LootMogul is an athlete-driven and athlete-led sports metaverse that is powered by virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games, commerce, and in-real-life prizes. LootMogul was created by athletes for athletes.

Whether or not you already own land, you can take advantage of the Landz’ Estates Collection, which was created by Landz Group LLC founders Benjamin Jarmon and Nathanael Cohen. This premium real estate NFT collection is interoperable and customizable, and it is available in all of the major metaverses.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.