Baidu develops metaverse with virtual hosts

Beijing has imposed tough limitations, but Baidu is pressing ahead with its metaversal goals. Baidu AI Cloud plans to introduce a livestream platform with virtual hosts. These will enable round-the-clock, AI-driven livestreaming with hyper-realistic digital avatars that can individually choose their own look, hairstyle, outfit, and setting.

The “mass production” of virtual beings will also be disclosed during the conference to commemorate the team’s recent success with its artificial intelligence system. According to the revelation, “any individual would be able to possess a virtual counterpart” on the platform.

One of China’s most lucrative metaverse industries is avatars at the moment

By the end of 2022, virtual persons are anticipated to be worth $1.79 billion in the nation, making them a significant part of its metaverse agenda. According to Sarah Yam, co-founder of the marketing firm Red Digital, Baidu has seen this commercial opportunity and is already utilizing it.

She predicts that Baidu would use its virtual influencer tools to market and sell technical goods. “Virtual influencers give the corporation the opportunity to apply its years of experience nurturing the principles of artificial intelligence, such as through its AI models.” The avatars Baidu is recommending are not constrained by people, time, or geography, which is predicted to save its costs by more than 30% as compared to employing actual livestreamers.

“The productivity of livestreamers and the brands they promote can be greatly increased by Baidu’s AI technology. Although livestreaming already gives viewers a more engaging experience, the metaverse has the potential to give users of a new generation even more real-time, personalized, and interactive experiences.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.