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Antiez is a groundbreaking NFT project

There are currently 10000 digital ants living in the Ethereum blockchain. Their name is Antiez. They are working hard to dominate the entire web3 globe and consume every digital asset in the manner that best suits them. Antiez were formerly

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Baidu develops metaverse with virtual hosts

Beijing has imposed tough limitations, but Baidu is pressing ahead with its metaversal goals. Baidu AI Cloud plans to introduce a livestream platform with virtual hosts. These will enable round-the-clock, AI-driven livestreaming with hyper-realistic digital avatars that can individually choose

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WimbleWorld is a new metaverse for tennis fans

Wimbledon’s sponsors and partners can now reach under-18s in the metaverse. As the tournament begins, so does WimbleWorld in Roblox. It allows spectators to play on a virtual Centre Court, a tribute to the famous stadium’s 100th year on Church

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Metaverse festival to unveil in Korea

SK Telecom, the biggest mobile provider in Korea, has successfully staged the world’s first live virtual concert to make use of volumetric image capture technology. The Metaverse Music Festival has officially begun and will continue to take place in the

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Samsung releases metaverse ETF

Samsung Asset Management announced the opening of Samsung Asia Pacific ex NZ Metaverse Theme ETF, the first active APAC metaverse theme ETF. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is scheduled to open the listing on July 7, 2022. The listing price

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TerraZero announces metaverse collaboration

TerraZero Technologies Inc., a Metaverse technology company and interactive experience studio, worked with Atlantic Records and Jason Derulo for an immersive activation in Decentraland. The Metaverse is flooded with various brands. Despite the fact that there is a limitless supply

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Crypto Bulls NFT project to come

Crypto Bulls hail from Satoshi, a planet with sophisticated civilisation where cryptocurrencies are the only means of payment and Web2 applications have long since vanished. Every program on Satoshi is connected to the blockchain network, and Crypto Bulls have managed

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Mighty Hercules is an incoming NFT project

The Mighty Hercules is a non-fungible token collection that can be found on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-721 standard. It features 10,000 unique masterpieces and 50 legendary works. Collection that was developed in its entirety from more than

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AOTL is an exclusive new NFT project

“Awakening of The Legion” (AOTL) is a high-quality collection of non-playable characters (NFTs) with a fantasy-related theme. It features 10,000 unique avatars, most of which were hand-crafted. Each individual member of the Legion is a master of their own realm

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Byredo steps into the metaverse

Byredo has declared aspirations to enter the metaverse just days after being acquired by Puig in May. Byredo said in a statement that the fragrance brand is cooperating with RTFKT on “Alphameta,” a program aimed at “creating the aroma of

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Axolotl is an upcoming NFT collection

Axoswap, a burgeoning DeFi network, will distribute 3333 Axolotl NFTs with unique features. Each Axolotl NFT will have a unique appearance and set it apart from the others. Some qualities are rarer. Axolotl NFT holders will enjoy benefits in future

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