TerraZero announces metaverse collaboration

TerraZero Technologies Inc., a Metaverse technology company and interactive experience studio, worked with Atlantic Records and Jason Derulo for an immersive activation in Decentraland.

The Metaverse is flooded with various brands. Despite the fact that there is a limitless supply of creative alternatives, very few people engage with their audiences in ways that go beyond ordinary marketing efforts. Very few famous people actively interact with their fans in the digital space without any boundaries.

TerraZero Technologies, a Metaverse and technology startup, teamed with Atlantic Records to spread the label’s activations across different Metaverse worlds. Atlantic and TerraZero teamed with Jason Derulo on unique Metaverse activations.

Recreate Jason Derulo’s music video for “Slidin'” in Decentraland as an experience produced by TerraZero, premiere the video, give fans a chance to style the environment themselves, and give away an exclusive Metaverse pool party to one lucky fan and their friends.

Decentraland hosts the event and music video debut on June 29

Jason Derulo: “I would’ve done anything for this kind of relationship with my idols.” “The Metaverse and how people can come together… TerraZero and what we developed together are the Internet’s future. I’ve always been a gamer, which has influenced my music and profession. Being an avatar in the Metaverse and communicating with others directly shows who I am beyond the screen and speakers. It’s unreal but real.”

Jason will attend the premiere as his TerraZero-created avatar, making this activation unique. Jason’s avatar will appear at Decentraland Metaverse places leading up to the premiere, which TerraZero will capture in “limitless worlds”

The concept, created by TerraZero’s Chief Metaverse Officer Ryan Kieffer and Chief Experience Officer Brandon F. Johnson, merges real-world individuals like Jason Derulo with eternally open-ended stories and moments that would never be feasible, let alone interactive and social, in any other media.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.