AOTL is an exclusive new NFT project

Awakening of The Legion” (AOTL) is a high-quality collection of non-playable characters (NFTs) with a fantasy-related theme. It features 10,000 unique avatars, most of which were hand-crafted. Each individual member of the Legion is a master of their own realm and was among the first of humankind to witness the beginning of civilized life on “Oro.” As they come to understand the significance of liberty and autonomy in this formerly prosperous planet, they courageously take on the responsibility of directing “Oro’s” civilization back in the direction of these pillars and make a solemn oath to provide security for them along the road.

All holders of AOTL NFT will be given privileged access to the “Oro” community and its varied ecosystem. This community and ecosystem have been painstakingly crafted by a small but dedicated group of participants, who include seasoned artists, content creators, Metaverse builders, and Web 3.0 contributors.

Collectors of AOTL NFTs will also be eligible to obtain a large number of future incentives and rewards from the Awakening Lab. Some examples of these bonuses and perks include unique airdrops, event entrance tickets, chances for staking and lending, and many others

The pain in silence endured by “Oro” must soon come to an end. This enigmatic world has been patiently waiting for our arrival and the imminent reawakening of its slumbering multitude. We must now expose our naked souls and take our first steps into the Awakening Metaverse.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.