Shiba Inu hosts NFT metaverse event

On its network, the burger joint Welly was the recipient of the world’s first non-traditional payment powered by Shiba Inu. On June 9, 2022, phase one of the project became operational, and work on the mint immediately began. Analysts continue to hold a pessimistic outlook regarding the Shiba Inu price recovery.

Shiba Inu extends an invitation to users of Web3 to eat quick service restaurants in the metaverse

The collection includes 10,000 NFTs, each of which has a unique set of characteristics and possible permutations. A total of 140 traits—normal, unusual, and unique—will be minted onto the NFTs over the course of several stages. These attributes fall into three categories: normal, rare, and unique.

Even though their holdings were locked in staking, LEASH and Shiboshi holders were still able to mint Welly NFTs during the first phase of the mint, which began on June 9, 2022 at 8:00 PM UTC and lasted for a duration of twelve hours. During the final twelve hours of the phase, holders of BONE and Shiba Inu were extended an invitation to mint the fast-food NFTs in an exclusive capacity. The conclusion of phase one marks the beginning of phase two, and the third step will involve selling the property to the general public.

Because it is the first collection to be directly tied to a real-world business—specifically, the Welly food establishment, which is powered by Shiba Inu—the NFT initiative is particularly noteworthy. OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace, and the collection is now available for purchase there.

Analysts are pessimistic about Shiba Inu’s future despite the recent release of the one-of-a-kind NFT collection and the impending addition of new features to the game.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.