Day: June 12, 2022

MAC is an ambitious metaverse project

The Meta Arcade Club will be a decentralized community that its members will control, develop, and improve upon themselves. The hobby of gaming has found its way into the lives of billions of people all over the world, spawning a

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MDAO3 is a decentralized metaverse universe

Mdao3 has launched Metaverse World, a decentralized Metaverse Planet that is built on Web3.0 and DAO. After identifying the most common types of non-fungible tokens, we found that NFTs have already expanded beyond the realm of art and collectibles. Mdao3

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Shiba Inu hosts NFT metaverse event

On its network, the burger joint Welly was the recipient of the world’s first non-traditional payment powered by Shiba Inu. On June 9, 2022, phase one of the project became operational, and work on the mint immediately began. Analysts continue

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AOTL is an exclusive new NFT project

“Awakening of The Legion” (AOTL) is a high-quality collection of non-playable characters (NFTs) with a fantasy-related theme. It features 10,000 unique avatars, most of which were hand-crafted. Each individual member of the Legion is a master of their own realm

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Meta Quest VR unveils new feature

As another step toward developing the metaverse, the company Meta said on Friday that it will be adding an upgrade to its Quest 2 headsets that will allow users to more easily interact with one another in virtual reality. According

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