LawCity.Com unveils metaverse legal spot

LawCity.Com proudly announces the development of the first legal district in the metaverse with the building of its first towers in, Decentraland. The company’s goal is to provide a world of limitless possibilities and opportunities for getting legal advice and answers in the metaverse and adjacent areas. A group of legal industry pioneers is coming together to offer a beginning place for every avatar’s legal journey into the metaverse.

LawCity.Com’s opening of the LawCity.Com Towers provides a turnkey solution for law-related companies

The inauguration of the LawCity.Com Towers by LawCity.Com provides a turnkey solution for legal firms looking to build a metaverse office. Anyone looking for law-related services in the metaverse will find resources in the “LawCity.Com Legal Directory to the Metaverse.”

Richard Grungo, Jr., a founder of, stated, “LawCity.Com was formed to provide access to the law through another channel of communication.” “We recognized we could construct a ‘legal town square’ in the metaverse where law firms and law-related businesses could have a metaverse presence and where prospective clients could learn about their legal concerns and possibly get aid with those issues,” says the author.

The LawCity.Com Unitas Tower and the LawCity.Com Veritas Tower have already been built and leased in part by Moreover, a third tower, the LawCity.Com Caritas Tower, is in the works. The Caritas Tower will be dedicated and donated to legal assistance and charity organizations. is focused on helping charitable organizations enter this new world

“ is dedicated to assisting nonprofit organizations in entering this new world and capitalizing on this new channel of publicity and fundraising so that they can continue to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve,” Grungo stated.

Law-related businesses interested in creating a metaverse office can do so at LawCity.Com in as little as 24 hours. There are now two types of office space available: “prime anchor space” and “branded office.” A branded room, access to LawCity.Com events, event space for usage, and a listing in the Legal Directory to the Metaverse are included in both office kinds.

“We believe LawCity.Com will accelerate the pace at which law-related businesses create metaverse offices and prospective legal clients seek out services in the metaverse,” stated William A. Colarulo, Jr., a founding partner at LawCity.Com.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.