MCity aims at developing SocialFi Metaverse

A socialFi metaverse project called MCity has been started to bring the real world into the metaverse and vice versa. It was built on the BNB chain and polygon. The goal of MCity is to remove geographical borders and bring individuals from all over the world together in a space where they may be whatever they want to be, go wherever they want to go, and meet whoever they want to meet.

Aside from the nature of the social connection, MCity also offers a sustainable financial system that enables both participants and investors to take part and gain beneficial benefits from doing so.

By merging a visual perspective through a virtual reality platform, MCity is leading the way in the deployment of metaverse technology. This will enable players improve the experience and experience strange emotions while engaging in in-game activities.

In contrast to previous GameFi projects where users can only make money by participating in the game, staking their token, and selling NFT things, MCity allows users to make money through lending NFT, participating in social activities, creating to earn, placing advertisements, and more.

Users in MCity are able to own land and construct their own homes. Property owners will be treated as VIPs and receive several privileges as they explore the brand-new M-City in the Metaverse. Moreover, using a VR gadget to travel and explore different nations or places throughout the world does not seem like a bad idea. MCity incorporates a virtual representation of real-world real estate for the most lifelike experience.

Players can customize and build their own distinct characters during the character creation phase. Even real-life costumes can be incorporated into the universe of the video game, which includes a vast variety of fashions.

Three sorts of users exist in MCity: Land investor (VIP resident), Player, and Brand

6000 land investors who are shareholders reap numerous advantages. The Reward Pool will receive a portion of the proceeds from numerous MCity activities. Investors in land will receive 40% of this sum, with the remaining 60% going back into the system. Users purchase Tokens to take part in in-game activities like buying and selling goods in e-commerce, traveling, etc. They can play a variety of games for free using their Tokens. Through advertising, the brand promotes travel and e-commerce services.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.