Momentous NFTs are energizing the fans

Once more, VeVe and Disney have joined forces in order to usher the wondrous world of animation into the territory of NFT. This time around, the company will be releasing a magical Hong Kong Disneyland “Momentous” NFT series, which will feature scenes from the nightly fireworks and projection mapping show “Spectacular” in Hong Kong. The series will be focused at spotlighting these scenes. The classic images from Disney’s Castle of Magical Dreams, as well as their favorite characters from Coco and Frozen, have been brought to life owing to interactive lenticular effects, and fans of Disney will be delighted to find these images.

The “Momentous” NFTs at Hong Kong Disneyland are obtained using a blind box system and are categorized as one of the following four categories: Dream from Day to Night, Amazing Nighttime Spectacular, Time to Remember, or Time of Your Life. Each NFT features a Secret Rare rarity tier, comes with a fixed price of $60, and has a unique number of editions, not to mention the gripping tales from “Momentous” that appear as though they are unfolding in front of the users.

As a result, the Castle of Magical Dreams and the mountains of Hong Kong are featured in the series Dream from Day to Night, which has a total of 2,005 editions. In addition to that, this stunning castle honors the princesses and queens from a total of thirteen fantastic tales from the Disney canon

Following that is the Amazing Nighttime Spectacular series of lenticular NFTs, which has 1,330 individual pieces and showcases the stunning grandeur of Disney’s royal residence at night. The mesmerizing lenticular NFTs in the third installment of the series, Time to Remember, come in a total of 2,017 different versions. This series includes a recreation of one of the most touching moments from the spectacular “Momentous.” Miguel and Mamá Coco may be seen singing together in this sequence. And last but not least, there is a 2,013-piece Time of Your Life NFT batch, which showcases Elsa and Anna’s intimate relationship with one another.

In addition to the non-negotiable 2.5 percent secondary market fee that is always charged by VeVe, a further 6 percent of the secondary earnings will be applied to Disney sales. Explore the world of Disney fairytales and complete the collection of “Momentous” lenticular NFTs to win prizes.



Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.