Mediahub heads to the metaverse

Mediahub has just laid out its own plans including an office in the metaverse

Mediahub, a division of Interpublic, has just announced its own plans for a metaverse office. Describing it as “a dedicated location for like-minded people interested in the developing trends, work, and artists in this fast-growing field”. Many other agencies are likely to follow suit.

Mediahub’s presence in Decentraland as well as on Discord. The site aims to serve as a global meeting place and as a creative marketing inspiration. Part art gallery for new and emerging artists and voices, and part job fair for those in the metaverse who may not have previously considered a career in the media industry.



Decentraland is the metaverse built on the Etherium blockchain

The Decentraland metaverse is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s close to Decentraland’s Museum District, a collection of art galleries presenting a diverse range of art and artists (not just NFT specialists).

One floor of the Mediahub office showcases the potential of NFT and metaverse activations, such as DINOMONKS. Moreover an NFT project focused on offering mental health services-as-utility, and The Flower Project, an AI-generated female-focused charity project. While another, we explore the utility of various NFT and metaverse activations. Such as DINOMONKS, an NFT project focused on offering mental health services-as-utility, and The Flower Project,

On a monthly basis, the gallery will feature different artists, notably those from underrepresented backgrounds. Visit here, or use https://mediahub.dcl.eth if you’re using a crypto wallet.

Discord is Mediahub’s channel for recruiting next-gen talent

Mediahub will recruit next-generation talent through its Discord channel. In addition it will feature a completely customized presence that includes pop-up recruitment sessions, informational presentations, and resume comments from senior personnel.

Recruiting, Insights + Actions, and the R+D Lab each have their own text channel, with leads from each team constantly updating their channel with white papers and ongoing initiatives.

The agency also intends to offer audio discussion sessions on relevant themes.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.