Megaverse offers a football metaverse

Megaverse announces itself to the world this weekend by bringing Spanish soccer giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid into the metaverse.

Megaverse is set to bring FC Barcelona into the metaverse this weekend by sponsoring the team’s upcoming game against Elche CF. With FC Barcelona’s form and playing style improving under ex-legendary player and now coach Xavi, Sunday’s game should be a fantastic spectacle, and one that is absolutely suitable for Megaverse’s first major public announcement.

Megaverse’s sponsorship of the upcoming game is just the first in a five-week initiative

Megaverse’s sponsorship of the next match is the first of a five-week campaign that will see Megaverse advertising hoardings appear at games including Real Madrid (twice), Atletico Madrid, and another FC Barcelona match.

The Megaverse team is giving away free signed shirts of some of the world’s best soccer stars on its Twitter account to celebrate integrating the La Liga heavyweights into the metaverse.

Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the greatest athlete of all time and also the world’s most popular figure on social media, is the first to receive a shirt.

Fans of CR7 who want to win an autographed Manchester United shirt should go to the Megaverse Twitter and enter the free offer before FC Barcelona’s game on Sunday.

A Polygon Powered Megaverse

Bringing footballing giants FC Barcelona and Real Marid into the metaverse is another another outstanding milestone for this project, which has gained a lot of traction in the last several months as it prepares for its official debut.

Megaverse announced an investment from Polygon Studios and a strategic collaboration to collaborate on marketing operations in early February.

Megaverse will be launched on Polygon first, and the teams are collaborating to construct a Polygon HQ on Megaverse’s MATIC Island.

The Megaverse team recently participated in an AMA on the Polygon Twitter account, and both teams are looking forward to continue building their partnership in anticipation of the release of Megaverse’s playable demo in the coming days.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.