DeStorm backs a new NFT platform

DeStorm Power will release his first collection of NFTs backed by his self-created, customized collection of “MetaTars.” The collection will go beyond a conventional NFT offering by letting holders to join an exclusive community with access to a comprehensive entertainment system that includes virtual concerts, festivals, and private parties, among other benefits. The NFT holders will also own and operate the private community.

DeStorm Power’s “MetaTars” Collectibles aims to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and the natural world

DeStorm Power’s “MetaTars” Collectibles intends to close the gap between the Metaverse and the real world by creating a utility-based project centered on forming a community of like-minded people interested in business, creativity, art, food, marketing, ideas, entrepreneurship, and innovation. DeStorm Power developed the first “MetaTars Genesis,” which consisted of 666 alien-like humanoids. In this ecosystem, each NFT holder utilizes its own token (the MetaTars Token) as cash.

“I am a strong believer in digitization and the preservation of identity in the digital age. These MetaTars are particularly meaningful to me since they allow the audience to have a new perspective on my artistic and creative abilities “DeStorm Power, the MetaTars collection’s founder, said as much.

“The MetaTars show not just my love for the Metaverse, but also how I can spread optimism to my fans. Buyers that intend to mint their NFT will gain from the MetaTars because they will own each individual NFT they mint. It not only serves as a means of acquiring property in the metaverse, but also as an investment, as the value of each NFT rises with time and can be traded at any time.”

The Collection

DeStorm Power produced MetaTars Genesis, a collection of 666 alien-like humanoids. “Genesis” is the name of the first collection, which marks the beginning of DeStorm’s MetaTars creation and the collection series. “The Exodus Collection” will feature “UltraTars,” a race of alien-like humanoids. When the Exodus collection is published, anyone who collects all five colored faces of MetaTars, two StarTars, or two ShadowTars will receive a free UltraTar.

Giveaways will be available to early users who join the Discord channel and invite friends to join. Unexpected incentives will be awarded to buyers who generate content or bring in new followers.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.