Women of Crypto NFT set is sold out

Women of Crypto is a first of its kind, 3D avatar NFT collection of 8888 women with 111 unique physical traits, characteristics, accessories, and backgrounds. All were sold on the day of release, February 3rd, 2022.

The NFT collection’s successful introduction is only the beginning of a broader project. “Women of Crypto is a long-term, female-led and empowering project that we’re constructing from the ground up.” We’ve had the good fortune to work with two fantastic organisations, Crypto Chicks and Women Who Code.”

WOC’s mission to educate and empower women in the fields of business, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

“Our team has prepared a series of exclusive pre-filmed courses that cover everything from the principles of blockchain technology to how NFTs and the Metaverse work,” says the company. We also provide step-by-step instructions on how to launch a successful NFT project. Members will get access to all of these classes through our private Discord channel,” Matsushima explained.

The Women in Crypto project’s main goal is to continually work toward empowering and educating underrepresented people in the crypto world. Matsushima, in particular, wishes to close the gender gap.

“We aim to transform the world of crypto and NFTs, which is largely dominated by men.” One of the primary motivations for the development of blockchain was to create a level playing field for all, however this has not occurred. More women should be interested in cryptocurrency, according to the project, our community, and our partners. Inclusion is something we’re working on as a group.

“The goal of the Women of Crypto community is to grow, learn, and connect.” HODLRs of the NFT, for example, gain free admission to our conventions, where they may network with other members and hear from professionals in sectors like real estate, e-commerce, and investing.

WOC will also cooperate with well-known beauty firms to design and manufacture cosmetics. Working with well-known companies will help expand awareness and legitimize the crypto sector, which is currently focused toward women.

Women of Crypto NFT holders will soon be able to claim a free ‘Men of Crypto’ NFT

Both avatars are now being rendered and will be ready to come life in the Metaverse, thus the project is looking to the future. When both WOC and MOC are finished, owners can use them to gain entrance to exclusive Metaverse community networking events. Avatar owners will also be able to access a number of members-only benefits.

“We can make the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain more visible and less daunting to marginalized groups by educating and empowering women.” Everyone should have a stake in the blockchain and participate in the current technical and financial revolution.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.