Meta Moina engages in the fashion metaverse

An opening ceremony for Meta Moina, the first Bangladeshi high-fashion and art NFT digital space, was held in the Bistro E Club room in Dhaka. The event was attended by a number of notable guests. #1972nineteenseventytwo, Bangladesh’s first Web 3.0 fashion label, is responsible for the creation of this groundbreaking concept store, which is the first of its type.

Niharika Momtaz, a Bangladeshi designer, art enthusiast, and businesswoman, established the platform

Momtaz is also the founder of #1972nineteenseventytwo, another site that she established. Meta Moina is changing the fashion business by optimizing products through the perspective of a socially and environmentally involved lens, and they are using Niharika’s line of ‘Phygital’ wearable sculptures as their primary tool.

In the most recent twelve to twenty-four months, the fashion sector has undergone a comprehensive revolution. #1972nineteenseventytwo is a fashion label that supports Web3.0 and NFTs, and it appears that the company will be a part of the subsequent revolution of the digital world.

It has been decided that Bangladeshi artists Fareha Zeba, Md Harun-ar-Rashid, Habiba Nowrose, Mahmuda Siddique, and Afroza Hossain will be among the foreign designers and NFT artists that Meta Moina will represent.

Niharika remarked, “We will sell NFT’s in Dubai at numerous physical and digital exhibitions. Since the use of cryptocurrency is illegal in Bangladesh, Meta Moina will transfer payments to Bangladeshi NFT artists in US Dollars. Both the strengthening of our foreign exchange reserve and the dissemination of Bangladeshi culture to the rest of the globe would be possible as a result of this initiative.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.