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Tommy Hilfiger presents new metaverse show

Tommy Hilfiger is planning to return to New York Fashion Week for the first time in three years with its “See Now, Buy Now” collection. This will be Tommy Hilfiger’s debut appearance at New York Fashion Week with its new

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A strategic alliance between the industry-leading 3D fashion technology business STYLE.ME and the company XRSPACE, which is pioneering the next generation of visual reality in the metaverse, has been announced with the goal of bringing digital fashion to the metaverse.

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Meta Moina engages in the fashion metaverse

An opening ceremony for Meta Moina, the first Bangladeshi high-fashion and art NFT digital space, was held in the Bistro E Club room in Dhaka. The event was attended by a number of notable guests. #1972nineteenseventytwo, Bangladesh’s first Web 3.0

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Miami Fashion Week to unfold in the metaverse

With the launch of L’atelier by MIAFW, a digital retail and educational concept that allows fashion aficionados to congregate in the Metaverse to learn about sustainability, attend events, and discover the latest fashion, Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW) made its Metaverse

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Lootex holds first Asian metaverse fashion show

Lootex was asked to assist OneOffs in curating a journey through art and fashion at the Breeze Center in Fuxing Taipei. “Fashion in the Metaverse,” simply but effectively categorized, included some of the most renowned NFT collections as well as

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