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Search to bring fashion in the metaverse

A strategic alliance between the industry-leading 3D fashion technology business STYLE.ME and the company XRSPACE, which is pioneering the next generation of visual reality in the metaverse, has been announced with the goal of bringing digital fashion to the metaverse.

The first project to come out of this partnership will be a metaverse fashion show in the GOXR metaverse platform, which is designed for digital producers and companies

Visitors enter an immersive space that has fashion shows, artificial intelligence guides, and various apparel styles that can be tried on and purchased. This will be the first of many one-of-a-kind phygital experiences that will be made possible as a result of the relationship, which will result in improved utility for digital fashion.

“From the very beginning, the mission of STYLE.ME has been to provide customers with the ability to visualize and engage with fashion in the digital environment. Because of this cooperation, businesses and designers are able to make their initial foray into the metaverse and interact with new consumers across a variety of different virtual environments.” according to Rufus Parkinson, President of STYLE.ME.

“The primary aim of XRSPACE has been to develop full-spectrum global metaverse experiences that go beyond the game industry. The successful completion of this transition into the fashion industry is marked in large part by our relationship with STYLE.ME. GOXR’s capabilities in multi-user social avatars, 3D showrooms, and real-time interaction are highlighted here. This combination not only frees up creativity but also makes it possible to explore new avenues in the realm of digital commerce. This alliance will be the first step towards delivering unrestricted imagination to generation Z in the form of personalization options for digital avatars in the metaverse.” remarked GOXR General Manager, Kurt Liu.

XRSPACE is the company that is leading the way in the development of the next generation of social reality through the use of XR in the metaverse. The company’s goal is to change the ways in which people connect with one another, how they work, and how they play by bringing people closer together despite the absence of physical boundaries.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.