Metacon presents metavere simulation

Dubai will host the first physical convention dedicated to Web3 and the metaverse. Metacon, which takes place on May 28 and 29 at Dubai World Trade Centre Arena, seeks to educate and excite attendees about existing and emerging blockchain technologies that are sweeping the virtual world.

Metacon is best described as a digital comic book convention. Ghaf Capital, an Emirati investment business, has arranged the two-day event, which will include immersive experiences, discussions, and performances to demonstrate what the Web3 and metaverse-based future holds for us all. It will also show that NFTs are much more than a collection of jpegs of cartoon apes.

MetaStage, MetaConnect, MetaArena, and MetaSpaces are the four primary regions of the conference. Each offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to get up up and personal with cutting-edge technology and ideas.

The MetaStage is where blockchain technology innovators and educators will share their expert thoughts with the audience. This is the place to be if you’ve ever been intrigued about how it all works and what the future holds for humanity with Web3 and the metaverse.

Jason Brink, a man who won the 2014 Bill and Melinda Gates Global Development Network Award for the “AidDollar,” a blockchain-based system for distributing overseas help, is one of the keynote speakers. He’s also the CEO of Gala Games, Metacon’s key sponsor, so anticipate him to provide excellent industry information.

The MetaStage will also feature NFT artist Idriss B, who has produced 3D polygon sculptures of Dubai, which will serve as an inspiration to the region’s next generation of digital artists

The NFT Gallery will be available for viewing in the MetaSpaces area. Ethereal Collective, who will also be exhibiting some of their highly sought-after pieces, will curate the exhibition. Guests will be able to witness one of the event’s more special features from here. The world’s first manga-inspired NFTs will be on exhibit and available for purchase during Metacon only.

Web3 and metaverse technologies move at such a breakneck pace that it can make your head spin. Metacon, on the other hand, has the ability to bridge the knowledge gap for those who are still perplexed by crypto, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and other topics, as Metacon co-founder Abdelrahman Mohamed hopes.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.