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Metaverse December 7, 2021

MetaMundo aims for 2022 launch with new funding



MetaMundo, a virtual nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace focused on metaverses, has announced the completion of a seed funding round of $2.7 million.

The platform will enable users to buy, sell, and license metaverse assets once it launches in the first quarter of 2022.

MetaMundo’s debut funding included Hypersphere Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OP Crypto, Metaartel Ventures. Inaddition angel investments from the co-founders of Aave and Rarible, among others.



MetaMundo lets designers and creators mint, sell and license their NFT

The platform, which is based on the layer-two network Polygon. Additionally allows designers and creators to mint, sell, and license NFT assets for use in virtual and augmented reality. Moreover as across a variety of metaverse worlds such as Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space.

According to the announcement, using the Polygon network saves users money on gas fees when compared to the Ethereum network.

The marketplace is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022

MetaMundo predicts the marketplace will launch in the first quarter of 2022. In addition it will feature a large library of items such as avatars, wearables, vehicles, and buildings, among other things.

Mark Studholme, a co-founder of MetaMundo, explained the technology behind the project:

“MetaMundo has a set of tools that convert, decimate, and optimize the original 3D ‘parent’ file into individual ‘child’ files, each optimized for a specific metaverse. Using the ERC 721 contract, we mint the parent file as a single NFT. Which serves as a wrapper for the child files and NFTs. As a result, when you collect the parent NFT, it includes all of the child NFTs.”

When the platform integrates more metaverses, Studholme says they’ll “convert and optimize new child files and add them to the parent NFT.”

Michelle D. Madsen graduated from the University of Westminster and has been deeply involved in the world of finance ever since. She has worked as a Broadcast Journalist hosting various news shows and informative webcasts about the financial markets. Since 2004 she has also been writing for MetaNews daily, her attention to detail, and her in-depth knowledge of the financial markets have led her to cover Foreign Exchange and commodities. The world of finance has changed in the last few years with the introduction and rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse. She has in no means been left behind, adding this to her bank of intellect and is now also an expert in cryptocurrencies. For the last ten years, Ms. Madsen has been engaged in the financial market. She has notedly written a great number of incredibly informative reviews for the crypto, NFT and the Metaverse. Her wealth of knowledge has enabled her to become a leading expert in the field. She continues to inform the public writing up-to-date, thorough reviews for the readers of MetaNews as she has for the last decade.

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HoneyWasp is a NFT project to look at



HoneyWasp is a new free-to-play game in which players are rewarded in cryptocurencies for playing and excelling at a game. Furthermore, they can claim all of their rewards in their metamask wallet or reinvest them in-game to improve their chances of getting greater and bigger rewards in the future. There is a marketplace where users can purchase NFTs that will strengthen their crypto currency rewards.

Users will need to purchase Radiony, which is the game’s access key, in order to begin playing. They will be able to play 10 games every day if they have a Radiony, as well as purchasing additional games.

HoneyWasp is an entirely new way to earn money. It is not determined by chance, time, or money; it is determined solely by skill

Users can buy NFT to improve their game and increase their chances. Every game that users play is tallied and placed on a leaderboard. Users’ final staking bonus is affected by every action they perform. The score is determined by four factors: the number of kills, the elo, the amount of Honeywasp NFTs in the user’s possession, and the rarity of the Honeywasp NFTs. Users will receive a final score after calculating these four factors: this score correlates to their staking bonus. Holders can even get a staking incentive based on how long they keep them locked.

The HON token is the currency used in the game; players that eliminate an opponent will be rewarded with more HON. Those who hold this money can put it toward the acquisition of new NFTs, which will help them become more powerful and award them with more HON. To further monetize their holdings, holders can convert their HON to HSM, stake it, and receive rewards for their efforts. Radiony is required in order to play the game, and players can get Radiony by spending their HSM. Every user of Radiony will be given an NFT, which will provide them access to 10 different games each and every day.

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SuperRare displays NFTs in New York City



On May 19, SuperRare, a digital art market based on Ethereum’s blockchain and powered by the RARE token, opened its inaugural pop-up gallery in SoHo, a historic New York City area famous for its passion for artists and their work.

The opening of the exhibition is an excellent illustration of the metaverse, a digital reality that lives both in the collective imagination of humans and across a network of computer nodes. It, too, aspires to leave a physical imprint on art history.

An Rong and Mika Bar-On Nesher coordinated the brightly lighted, two-story exhibition, which featured works by 15 SuperRare artists that touched on sci-fi and cyberpunk, two motifs central to the idea and concept of the “metaverse.” The exhibition, which is accessible to the public until August 28, aims to transform how we interact with art in an increasingly digital age.

Before the arrival of the virtual world, SoHo became famous in the 1960s, when artists were drawn to the district by its open spaces, huge windows, and low rent. By the next decade, a neighborhood previously recognized for its industrial labor and influx of businesses and artists had been ravaged by displacement, forcing some of its inhabitants to leave.

Despite the tumultuous conflict and division, SoHo continued to thrive. Today, the desired area serves as the ideal site where the meaning of art can be explored

Remembered Futures’ Visions is the first real-world experience on the marketplace. SuperRare’s work has previously been displayed on the seventh floor of Decentraland’s metaverse, a 3D-based platform that allows users to purchase virtual tracts of land.

The internet marketplace has gone a long way since it began as a four-person operation in a Brooklyn coffee shop. Before the gallery found a home in SoHo’s bustling streets, Chief Product Officer Jonathan Perkins and CEO John Crain said they would travel throughout Europe with backpacks full of iPads, putting together DIY gallery pop-ups wherever they could.

They were able to take it a step farther because of their previous experience. “While digital is amazing, and the metaverse is fascinating,” Perkins told CoinDesk at the gallery’s launch, “having real locations to come together and enjoy art is crucial.”

Perkins stated, “It makes the whole thing feel a lot more real.”

For MetaNews.

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Metaverse opera opens its doors in China



Chinese opera is a cultural gem in China. The “Xi Gu Chao Xin” series of digital art collections, co-created by the CICG Center for Asia and Pacific and the China Theatre Association, aims to give traditional Chinese opera art an innovative promotion and inheritance in the virtual space, to explore new ways for Chinese opera culture to connect young people, and to find a new way for opera to connect young people.

When one is in a city of the future, one can take pleasure in traditional Chinese opera arias such as “The Ruse of the Empty City” and “The Drunken Beauty.” When one is in a punk world, one can take pleasure in “Lady General Hua Mulan” and “A Petty Official.” When one is in a spacecraft, one can take pleasure in “The Legend of the White Snake” and “Lady General Mu Guiying.” The new NFT series, which is modeled after Chinese opera, has made it feasible for everybody to have the opportunity to participate in this activity.

The NFT goods, collectively known as “Xi Gu Chao Xin,” or “Traditional Opera Back in Vogue,” attempt to reintroduce traditional Chinese opera into the mainstream

This digital art collection features performances of six arias from traditional Chinese opera by notable artists. Each aria comes from a different opera. Among them are Henan Opera artists Li Jinzhi and Jin Buhuan, both winners of the China Theater Plum Blossom Awards.

Peking Opera artist Zhang Xinyue, a third-generation successor to the Mei School founded by Chinese legendary Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, who was known for his performance of elegant female roles with a unique way of walking, dancing, and speaking; Peking Opera artist Qiu Shi, a leading young artist from Beijing’s Jingju The performers provide audiences across the world with a feast of classical Chinese opera for both their eyes and ears, merging captivating singing and opera performance with the concept of a future metaverse in a seamless manner.

The organizers of the “Xi Gu Chao Xin” NFT series have stated that more traditional arias from Chinese opera will be performed as part of the series in order to demonstrate the metaverse’s influence on the performing arts.

For MetaNews.

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