Metaverse: Revitalist to develop Revitaland

Revitalist announced that it has signed a binding letter of intent with Metachain Technologies Inc. This collaboration aims at the development of virtual mental health clinics in the Metaverse environment. With real-time patients and mental health experts.

META’s initial projects for Revitalist in 2022

“We are glad to work with Kathryn and the Revitalist team to build Revitaland as a mental health virtual clinic,” said Matthew Connelly, CEO of META. “Given the simplicity and privacy that it provides to Revitalist patients, this is a wonderful match for the Metaverse”.

“We have a team of more than 30 developers with experience,”. Indeed, “they specialize in tokenization, virtual reality, augmented reality, Metaverse development, and decentralized finance. All of these are important considerations for building Metaverse protocols.”



“In the past, we were 100% focused on brick and mortar mental health clinics,” said Kathryn Walker, CEO of Revitalist. We can now spread our offering across the globe in a far more efficient and effective manner thanks to technology.

The Metaverse will not replace specific therapy, such as Ketamine IV infusions. However, it will give patients the option of meeting with a mental health clinician for initial intake and subsequent follow-up sessions.

“Mental illness knows no boundaries, does not discriminate. And additionally is simply getting worse in today’s culture”. Moreover, ”we want to reach out to as many individuals as possible and offer mental health solutions that they can use in their daily lives”.

“Working with Matthew and his colleagues at META will enable us to accomplish this much more quickly than typical face-to-face sessions.”

Metachain Technologies Inc.

Metachain Technologies Inc. is a private firm that creates blockchain, NFT, crypto currency, and metaverse technologies. Metachain’s objective is to assist businesses in identifying hidden revenue potential through tokenization, NFTs, and full use of the metaverse.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.