MHM is a meaningful NFT project

The Mental Health Matters 10,000 Collection is being started with the intention of bringing together people who have been struggling with difficulties related to their mental health. The company’s goal is to reduce the social stigma associated with mental illness by encouraging its employees to speak publicly about their own experiences with the condition and by spreading the word to people all over the world that there are a great number of people who are going through it alone but are, in most cases, too ashamed to acknowledge it or even discuss it with their loved ones.

“We have a deep comprehension of the significant drawbacks associated with mental health disorders as well as the reasons why it may be such a challenging experience to recover from them. Everyone on our team has lived through their own personal nightmares and has been able to improve their circumstances by communicating with others who share their experiences and coming together in groups. We have a firm belief, and it is our sincere goal, that by exposing our frailties, holders may be inspired to find the strength to take a leap of faith and come along with us on this trip.”

The staff at Mental Health Matters will be donating to a variety of mental health organizations located all over the world

These charitable organizations are going to be chosen by the company’s Discord community. They are hoping that with the help of these donations, they will be able to give those individuals who are experiencing mental discomfort the essential medical attention.

The corporation has determined that 36 lucky owners of their Royalty Club NFTs will each get one-half of the royalties that were accrued from the secondary market sales that took place on OpenSea. In addition, the start of Royalties Club won’t occur until after one hundred percent of sales have been made.

“Using our pyramid approach, we will choose 36 NFTs at random from our supply of 10,000 using the pyramid. On the final day of each month, royalties will be dispersed to their respective owners.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.