New Balance plans to participate in the metaverse

The brand has reportedly filed for three trademarks last year.

Following in the footsteps of labels like adidas and Balenciaga, New Balance is apparently foraying into the metaverse. New Balance is a sports footwear and apparel company founded in 1906 in the United States. The New Balance Arch Support Company was the first company to be affiliated with the brand.

It appears that New Balance is following suit as brands like Nike, Adidas. In addition even Vans have taken their presence to the Metaverse. This news comes by way of trademark attorney, Josh Gerben, who took to Twitter to share the New Balance filings.

New Balance


New Balance plans to market these goods as sources of entertainment online

The label intends to advertise these items as online sources of entertainment. As well as incorporating them into virtual retail shop services.

Around the last few months, understanding the metaverse and anything related to it, such as NFTs, has been a hot topic of discussion all over the world. Adidas’ association with famed NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club, Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT, and many other notable brands have begun to put their products onto Web3. In today’s news, it appears that New Balance, the world’s largest footwear company, has already begun making plans to enter the virtual world.

Josh Gerben tweeted what depicts an image of three trademark applications

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben tweeted an image of three trademark applications from the Boston-based company on January 18th: the first is an approval to sell goods in the virtual social space, the second is to sell those items for retail purposes (also in the metaverse), and the third is to allow the use of virtual goods for digital entertainment purposes.

New Balance hasn’t officially announced their foray into the Metaverse yet, but more information should be forthcoming soon.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.