Niantic unveils a new AR metaverse game

Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, is bringing Peridot, its new augmented reality smartphone game. Peridots are virtual, magical animals that kind of look like knock-off Pokémon.

The objective of the game is to nurture and stroll your Peridot from birth to adulthood

Peridots are virtual, mystical creatures that resemble Pokémon knockoffs. The objective of the game is to nurture and stroll your Peridot from birth to adulthood. Your Peridot may urge you to take a stroll to a local area of interest or locate a certain type of cuisine, in keeping with Niantic’s quest for a “real-world metaverse.”

When you play camera-based AR with your Peridot, your Dot will be able to discern between different types of terrain, like as grass, sand, water, or dirt, according to Niantic. Your dot will get different sorts of goods depending on where you are, enticing people to go to different spots to play.

Every Peridot is one-of-a-kind, with distinct personalities, physical looks, loves, dislikes, and powers. Niantic developed a breeding mechanism that is “based after the way DNA works in real life, combining the best of hand-crafted access with procedural generation,” according to the company.

Once Dots reach adulthood, players are encouraged to breed them in order to unlock new archetypes of Dots, such as “Unicorn,” “Peacock,” “Cheetah,” “Ram,” “Rabbit,” or “Clownfish.” Players must travel to particular sites of interest in order to breed.

Niantic released the game Pikmin Bloom in October

In October, Niantic published Pikmin Bloom, which is a similarly benign adventure that allows you to wander with your squad of flower seeds.

Although the business discontinued its Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game soon after, other titles like as its flagship Pokémon Go continue to be significant moneymakers for the AR developer, with over $1 billion in in-app sales last year.

In a blog post in November, Niantic stated that it has nine games and applications in development, including Transformers: Heavy Metal, a game in which players will combat huge robots. Peridot will start soft launch beta testing in certain areas on the App Store and Google Play later this month.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.