Nitches holds metaverse entertainment

Nitches, which blends high-tech with high-end fashion to create exclusive clothing lines and NFTs, today announced it will create its own metaverse for users to create 3D avatars, buy and sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and experience exclusive VR meetings, shows and events.

“We’re combining our high-tech know-how and artistic vision to create our own metaverse,” said John Morgan, Nitches’ CEO. “Users can have fun with friends, enjoy immersive experiences, and prosper in a community that meets their needs.” “We’ll also work with other major NFT marketplaces to enable the usage, acquisition, and sale of interoperable NFT assets in our metaverse.”

Nitches team of designers and developers plan to integrate MetaHuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator, a software tool developed by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, will be integrated by Nitches’ team of designers and developers. In Nitches’ metaverse, the innovative software will bring to life extraordinarily realistic 3D avatars that can be downloaded and used in other metaverses. The 3D avatars can be dressed in the most up-to-date fashions from Nitches’ exclusive clothing lines, which are created in collaboration with top celebrities and influencers.

Users will move their 3D avatars into captivating settings and events using VR goggles, where they may network, relax, or get revved up in a virtual environment.

“Because the 3D avatars are so realistic, users will feel as if they’re standing next to one other in real life, chatting or cooperating,” Morgan added. “Our metaverse will be a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects Nitches dedication to high-end design and cutting-edge technology,” says the company.

Nitches is a diversified technology and exclusive clothing company

Nitches is a diverse technology and unique clothing firm that creates luxury apparel and NFTs by combining high-tech and high-end fashion. The copany focus in making sustainable, authentic, and limited-edition athleisure and streetwear apparel and accessories. To develop capsule collections that represent their vision and brand, the company collaborates with fashion-forward influencers and celebrities. Moreover, to safeguard our intellectual property and fight counterfeiting, Nitches develop cutting-edge technology. Nitches aims for creativity, excellence, and value.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.