NPC is a creative NFT project to come

The 3888 Naked Pandas are on a mission to locate holders with entrepreneurial spirit. The NPC (Naked Panda Crew) has a ready-to-deploy P2E environment that allows holders to stake their NFTs for $QUANTUM BAMBOO utility tokens, which can be utilized for the evolution and breeding of Naked Pandas. Future advancements will increase the $QUANTUM BAMBOO’s utility.

A DAO will be established for long-term holders, into which 75% of initial sales earnings and royalties will be deposited in order to realize the founders’ ambitious long-term plans. Strategic decisions will be subject to community consultation.

The first business endeavor, Project Multigon, is a multi-chain NFT market designed to allow issuers and purchasers to choose which blockchain/currency to use for transactions. Additionally, it will cater specifically to the distinctive Asian culture of NFTs and Asia-based NFT issuers.

Each member of the Naked Panda Crew is distinct, produced algorithmically from over 160 physical characteristics, including facial expressions, attire, tools, and accessories

A handful of NPC collections are up for grabs. A portion of the Community Treasury will be awarded to holders of the rewards collection. In addition, token holders will receive Quantum Bamboo Tokens.

The Naked Panda Crew will be issued on the Solana blockchain, the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the quickest growth rate. Anyone with a Solana wallet, Phantom, or Solflare can obtain a member of the Naked Panda Crew.

The Naked Panda Crew is concerned with the welfare of its members. Diamond-weary members can enjoy a golden retirement on the Naked Farm. Positive momentum, stable prices, and an ideal floor price are advantages for the community.

Seventy-five percent of the earnings from the minting and royalties will be donated to the ecosystem’s treasury. The Naked DAO will handle these money to align the NPC Holders’ long-term interests.

Naked Panda holders will be able to stake their NFT for Quantum Bamboo Tokens. This Token will serve as the core of the Naked Ecosystem, which extends far beyond a simple profile photo utility.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.