NTT Data builds LATAM metaverse

Japanese IT consulting and services group NTT Data, which heavily bets on the so-called metaverse, is developing proofs of concept in the format with companies in the region, the group’s new CEO for the Americas, Miguel Teixeira, told BNamericas.

The projects are in their early phases and concern the metaverse’s first phase, which includes augmented reality and virtual reality applications. The broader idea of metaverse, on the other hand, refers to a fully immersive virtual environment that simulates reality via digital technology.

“Today, the metaverse is just getting started. It’s largely augmented and virtual reality right now, but it’ll be much more in a few years. And whomever takes the initial step will be in a better position to seize opportunities “Teixeira explained.

NTT’s metaverse projects are being carried out with companies in the retail

According to Teixeira, NTT’s metaverse projects are being carried out with organizations in the retail, entertainment, and sports sectors, among others. However, due to customer requirements, the Latin American ones cannot yet be made public.

The first initiatives should be unveiled soon in Brazil, which is NTT Data’s most profitable regional operation and home to around a quarter of its 16,000 Latin American employees.

“Brazil is beginning to emerge as a regional leader in the field of metaverse. We plan to use the projects that are being built there to replicate the concept in other Latin American markets.”

Teixeira, who recently took over the unit in charge of NTT Data’s operations in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and the United States, said the company is hiring and boosting its regional investments without providing specific figures.

NTT Data’s plan is to double in size and reach 2% of market share within four years in each of its markets

NTT Data’s objective is to double in size and gain 2% market share in each of its markets within four years, making it the fifth largest IT services firm in the world and a worldwide leader in up to ten years. Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, and Deloitte are among the current worldwide leaders.

According to a 2020 Gartner analysis, the corporation had global revenues of US$21.3 billion last year, and was placed sixth in revenue that year, up from eighth in 2019.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.