SupraOracles engages in the metaverse

SupraOracles announced a strategic relationship with the Urban Racer metaverse from Solana. The agreement will provide the resources required for widespread acceptance of this thrilling racing game. Furthermore, the teams will aim to strengthen their NFT marketplace.

Urban Racer aims to create a metaverse game environment for racing game fans all around the world. People from the crypto, NFT, and gaming communities can engage, play, and socialize using the game infrastructure. This entertaining game also provides a fantastic opportunity for players to demonstrate their gaming prowess and earn substantial rewards.

Users of Urban Racer can choose the mode of play during the games.

Unlike the PVP mode, which pits players against each other, the PVE mode pits players against the computer. Aside from that, the game hosts events in which players can wager and earn money. Not only that, but you’ll have access to the game’s capital, garage, factory, and marketplace.

Aside from the entertainment value, Urban Racer was created to provide everyone with the option to participate in GameFi and to create an environment in which everyone has an equal chance of reaching the top. “Urban Racer’s objective is to bring people closer to the future decentralized age in a fun and engaging way,” says Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO of Supra Oracle.

To make this goal a reality, SupraOracles has formed a strategic alliance with the racing metaverse on Solana. To allow widespread adoption of this entertaining game, the Oracle network will deliver new cross-chain communication technologies. These tools and resources will aid with the implementation of RNG randomization in Urban Racer for specific gaming modes.

SupraOracles will place a strong emphasis on NFT and Urban Racer coins as part of this newly formed partnership. The oracle network tools in Urban Race will be used to build rare NFTs and character traits. Furthermore, during tournaments, the game would use the oracle function to settle bets.

SupraOracles is one of the projects that bring cross-chain oracle solutions to the spaces of web3

SupraOracles is one of the projects bringing web3 spaces cross-chain oracle solutions. The network enables interoperable smart contracts by integrating real-world data, in addition to providing development, design, and data management capabilities. SupraOracles also has the ability to connect traditional financial markets with the web3 ecosystem.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.