Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Foresees AI Impact on Coding Jobs and Calls for Adaptation

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Foresees AI Impact on Coding Jobs and Calls for Adaptation

As technology advances, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang warns of AI’s impact on coding jobs, saying that “everyone is now a programmer.”

The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, has made some recent remarks that have fueled the already intense discussion about artificial intelligence and its potential to replace or eliminate jobs such as programmers. Significantly, Huang emphasizes that AI will care for practically everything for us shortly, meaning nobody will need to program anymore.

Adapting to the Evolving Landscape

The 61-year-old clarified that learning coding was once a crucial task; however, it holds little value today. According to him, over the last 10–15 years, almost everybody who sits on a stage like this would tell you that it is vital that your children learn computer science; everybody should learn how to program. He said that it is almost precisely the opposite.

Huang emphasized that rather than having people learn programming languages like C++ and Java, technology needs to be developed that will enable computers to comprehend human commands. He said they are responsible for developing computing technology that eliminates the need for programming and uses human language instead. The CEO added that these days, everyone on the planet is a programmer and that this is AI’s miracle.

Call to Upskill

He also highlighted the significance of upskilling people to adapt to this evolving technological landscape. According to Huang, specialized coding skills won’t be needed in the future, as interacting with computers is like conversing with humans.

According to Huang, more attention should be given to one’s skills rather than urging children to learn coding or programming. He added that it is vital to upskill everyone, and the upskilling process will be delightful and surprising.

Oculus VR’s Former Boss Agrees 

Additionally, former CTO of Oculus VR and the founder of Id Software and Armadillo Aerospace, John Carmack, also agree with Huang. John stated that coding was never the source of value, and people shouldn’t get overly attached to it. Furthermore, John said that problem-solving is the core skill and that the discipline and precision demanded by traditional programming will remain valuable transferable attributes. Still, they won’t be a barrier to entry. He added that he suspects he will enjoy managing AIs more, even if they are better programmers than he is.

Huang has previously highlighted the pervasive influence of AI. Nvidia, a prominent participant in the chip manufacturing sector, has contributed significantly to the advancement of AI. At the Computex forum in Taiwan, Huang declared the end of the “digital divide,” highlighting AI’s role in enabling previously unheard-of feats and making programming accessible to all.

Huang declared the end of the “digital divide” last year at a gathering held at the Computex Forum in Taiwan. He emphasized how AI is ushering in a new era of computing, one in which hitherto unthinkable feats are made possible. Huang emphasized how accessible programming is in the modern world, saying anyone can learn to program using computers.

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