Over Half of Japanese Adults Apprehensive About AI Chatbots

Over Half of Japanese Adults Worried About AI Chatbots

Over half the population of Japan wants more stringent control of the AI sector amid growing concerns over the use and integration of AI chatbots in contemporary technology, according to a recent survey.

A study conducted in the country and released on April 30 showed the majority of adults are apprehensive about the pervasive use of chatbots.

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Over the last six months, AI chatbots have become popular in the tech space, thanks to OpenAI and the release of its chatbot ChatGPT. OpenAI made it easier for developers to speed up the development of their AI tools, some of which had been in the production phase for a while.

Both businesses and individuals could benefit from the overwhelming number of AI tools currently available on the market, as well as those in the pipeline. We have already seen AutoGPT, DoNotPay, WhisperJax and others roll off the production line.

Chatbots not for everyone

However, the excitement aroused by these tools in the tech community doesn’t extend to everyone, with many users citing profound concerns.

A recent Japanese study suggests there is a major concern among the people with regards to the widespread use of such tools.

According to Savannah Fortis, a report from Kyodo News revealed that 69.4% of the Japanese population want strict regulations against the rising development of AI.

The study was conducted as part of a larger survey by the government of Japan to address matters such as government approval rates and pandemic-related issues.

Global interest, global concern

The launch of ChatGPT in November has ignited interest in AI tools the world over, as businesses and individuals want to tap into the opportunities presented by these powerful technologies.

With the growing interest, though, there are concerns about the safety of chatbots with respect to privacy and the security of personal data.

Governments are considering regulations and the potential impact that AI will bring to humans.

Italy became one of the first countries to temporarily suspend the use of ChatGPT, while in the likes of China, the AI-powered chatbot is prohibited, although the market still finds a way to use it.

Chinese authorities have indicated that companies pursuing AI technology will soon undergo mandatory security reviews as the sector continues to balloon.

Stakeholders in the tech industry like Elon Musk have supported he idea of halting further AI developments until there are clear guidelines for the sector to follow, amid fears AI could be a threat to humanity.

Across the EU, lawmakers are working on the AI Act, which is expected to serve as the guidelines for all member states. Regulators in Germany also initiated  an inquiry into ChatGPT’s adherence to the General Data Protection Regulations.

Mixed signals

The survey results comes just after the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno stated that the government was exploring the possibility of implementing AI solutions in their systems. AI has been gaining relevance in the country after officials expressed support of AI research firm OpenAI.

Reports say Japan has been promoting a more innovation friendly environment for crypto and web3.

The country’s web3 project team released a whitepaper on April 6, discussing strategies to bolster the local cryptocurrency market.

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