ChatGPT Paves the Way for AI Tool Gold Rush

ChatGPT Paves the Way for AI Tool Gold Rush

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November has paved the way for more new AI tools on the market, as budding entrepreneurs are leveraging the tech to optimize production. From art and entertainment to health, education and business, the world is turning to AI for solutions and efficiency.

This year has seen a major upsurge in AI tools being rolled out almost on a weekly basis, overwhelming the tech space with tools designed to help everyone achieve their goals.

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Some of these tools are specifically meant to help entrepreneurs build up their businesses faster than ever with little to no prior knowledge. Several enthusiasts have shared how they have used ChatGPT and other AI tools to make steady income, whether as individuals or startups.

Others have taken to Twitter to share useful AI tools that entrepreneurs can leverage to develop their businesses. One Twitter user Chris Staudinger shared seven trending AI tools he thinks are some of the year’s best so far.

“100%, AI unlocks levels of productivity, even capabilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Staudinger.

A rundown of the AI tools of 2023


This is a browser-based AI tool developed to automate tasks much similar to Auto-GPT. Agent-GPT, like Auto-GPT, is built using ChatGPT-4 and uses GPT-4 to rewrite its own code, if necessary, when looking for a way to achieve set goals.

According to Agent-GPT’s website, using the tool is free for smaller tasks. However, if you want to save your tasks and have better outcomes for more complex prompts, there is need to provide ChatGPT’s API key. This one can be useful for brainstorming and to run chatbots on platforms like Discord, since it has access to the internet.


An AI-powered platform that lets users interact with their PDF files as if they were talking to a human, ChatPDF saves all data in secure cloud storage and deletes it after seven days.

ChatPDF use cases:

For students: ChatPDF enhances learning experience by effortlessly comprehending textbooks, handouts, and presentations.

For work: Discover insights from historical documents, poetry, and literature effortlessly – according to ChatPDF website.


TLDV is for those that conduct online meetings on a regular basis. The AI tool makes meeting summarizations easier after those long and very detailed powwows. Using the tl;dv tool allows one to have access to features like meeting transcriptions with speaker labels and over 25 languages. The tool can also summarize multiple meetings just by providing a specific keyword. TLDV also provides a note-taking feature within the system.


A useful AI tool for those who want to create visual content, Kaiber helpfully simplifies the video-making process. Using your own videos, images, and audio files, you can create a highly complex video production assisted by existing styles or using a prompt feature. Using Kaiber is free with 30 credits, though videos carry the company watermark; there are also subscription plans available with additional features.


YouTuber that wants to grow? This one’s for you. Described as a YouTube growth assistant by Chris Staudinger, Morise helps you grow your following on the platform by creating video ideas, generating attention-grabbing video titles, and providing well written, SEO-optimised descriptions for video.


Cody is a business-focused AI assistant. The tool provides business ideas and answers business questions, among other things. The best part about Cody is the ability to train the AI bot based on your business and knowledge base, which makes it more specific rather than providing generalized solutions. You can also provide knowledge about your team which enables the tool to boost employee efficiency.


An online text and article summarization tool that can be used to create a summarized piece from long passages of text. Simply paste the URL of an online article or paste text directly into a text box, whereupon TLDR will create a summary and even highlight important keywords.

ChatGPT fuels AI race in business

There is no doubt AI is making way for a new breed of entrepreneurs globally, thanks to ChatGPT’s success. According to Brayan Karas, AI will shape the business landscape – especially by 2024. Little wonder the AI market is projected to balloon to $407 billion by 2027, from an estimated $86.9 billion in 2022.

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